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Why You Should Get An Area Rug For Your Apartment


Should Get Area Rug For Apartment

If you feel something is missing in your apartment’s décor, an area rug might be the perfect ingredient to complete the look. They are a great option for apartment floors since these hardly ever come carpeted. Rugs can also infuse a room with warmth and comfort, and make a significant impact on the design. But while style is a major factor, rugs can also contribute to the comfort of your apartment in other ways. Keep these reasons in mind, as they might help you find the perfect rugs to suit your visual and functional needs.

Here are some reasons why you should get a rug for your apartment.

Start with style

The main motivation why people buy rugs is to improve their apartment’s decoration. And for a good reason, since the colors, patterns and textures of rugs can become a focal point in the room and bring interest.

The broad variety of colors and designs can help you be very particular about the style you’re going for. For example, you may choose to go bold with bright-colored rugs and unique patterns. On the other hand, you can use neutral-colored as a quiet note underneath bright colors or hard textures. You can also experiment with colors and contrasts, like placing a light rug on a dark floor.

Make if comfy

Uncarpeted floors often lead to cold floors, especially in the winter. If you don’t fancy putting on slippers around your house, you can treat yourself with a rug to keep your feet away from the cold floor.

For example, you can add a contour rug around a toilet or in front of the sink to make you more comfortable.

Safety first

If your apartment is not carpeted, a rug can help reduce the risk of slipping. For example, a runner rug in a long hallway or on the stairs can contribute to reducing injuries, or you can use the rug over a slippery, wet floor or after showering. Similarly, liners keep area rugs in place, which reduces the risk of slipping even more.

Make your apartment more inviting

If you’re not allowed to place a welcome mat outside your door, you can still greet your guests with a rug that says ‘Welcome’ placed inside the door. The rug can also serve to help your guests wipe their shoes, and thus help keep your apartment clean.

Reduce noise and echoes

If your apartment is not carpeted, be nice to your downstairs neighbors and avoid noise complaints by placing area rugs in your rooms. High-pile area rugs are better for this than thinner ones. Using rugs is a great step towards minimizing the levels of noise, especially when you have hardwood floors already installed. Similarly, if you have a room with too much of an echo, adding a rug along with furniture and window treatment should help.

Cover things up

Just as they can be used to decorate, rugs are also a great way to hide imperfections in your apartment, such stains, scratches or any other damage to the floor. However, don’t neglect to tell your landlord about any potential hazards in your apartment. If the damage to the floor is too severe, putting a rug on it will be counterproductive.

Area rugs bring many benefits beyond style to your apartment. They can create more comfort for you and yours, make your apartment safer, reduce noise and cover up unsightly imperfections. Try the various carpet designs in Tempat Wisata di Tangerang and take advantage of these benefits in your apartment.

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