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Things to See and Do In Miami


See and Do Miami

    1. Go to the Beach!

    Let’s face it, you can’t take a trip to Miami and not at least visit one beach. Miami is nearly synonymous with hot sun, white sand and refreshing, cool blue waters and it is easy to understand why! A visit to Crandon Park is akin to spending your day on a desert island, with its sprawl of palm trees and inviting sun and surf, and of course, there is always the infamous South Beach for those who want to be right in the middle of all the action!

    1. Eat Your Heart Out!

    Miami is known for its wide variety of delicious foods. There is a wide array of things to eat here, including food that is inspired by Latin America and the Caribbean as well as some of the best seafood dishes around! Some of the absolute must try dishes while in Miami are listed below:

    Arepas: One of the staple foods from South American countries such as Argentina and Colombia, an Arepa has its base in its corn-cake base. From there, you can add a huge variety of tasty toppings and fillings, such as meats, vegetables and cheeses. No matter what your individual preference is, you can head to La Latina on 2nd Avenue in Miami for the ultimate Arepa experience. For those who are inclined towards a more carnivorous experience, there is the classic pelua made from a simple yet delicious combination of beef and cheese, while vegetarians can take delight in the cheese and avocado combo as well as the domino, which features black beans and cheese! There is even a sweet potato and black bean version available for vegans that is so delicious you will never miss the meat!

    Ceviche: The best way to describe ceviche is to liken it to a kind of cold seafood salsa. Typically composed of raw, chilled shellfish such as shrimp, crab or lobster, the base can also be different slices of fish as well. This seafood is combined with a tasty mixture of lime juice, chili peppers and different vegetables for a refreshing light dish. Be sure to stop at the iconic CVI.CHE 105 Downtown restaurant located at 105 3rd Avenue for the complete experience, coupled with some imaginative cocktails!

    Cuban Sandwich: This is perhaps the most famous dish in all of Miami. In order to be a true Cuban sandwich, it must be a classic combination of ham, roasted pork, swiss cheese, pickles and yellow mustard all piled high on top of freshly baked Cuban bread. The perfect food for lunches and curing hangovers, one of the best spots to sample this iconic dish is at Versailles Restaurant on Southwest 8th street!

    Stone Crabs: A South Florida dish that is only available from October to March, stone crabs are known for their tender, sweet and delicious meat. Typically the claws are served cracked on a bed of ice with various condiments, the best place to sample this tasty dish is at Joe’s Stone Crab located at 11 Washington Avenue at Miami Beach.

    1. Party On!

    Miami is known for its nightlife! There are so many different places to go and get and drink or dance the night away that it can be overwhelming! Below is a list of some of the best bars and nightclubs in the city.

    • Mango’s Tropical Café: Located at 900 Ocean Drive, this is the place to go if you are craving the ultimate island party experience! From its Caribbean décor to music that ranges from salsa to reggae, this is where you go to dance the night away with your lover or a group of friends until the sun comes up!

    The Purdy Lounge: Located at 1811 Purdy Avenue, this newly renovated bar is where locals go to sample a cocktail and enjoy the vibe of the city Gili Ketapang. Fairly unassuming in its vibe, this is a bar where you can hang out with your friends and truly be yourself without worrying about keeping up any kind of pretense.

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