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Best Resorts to Visit in Las Vegas


Best Resorts Las Vegas

At once elegant and laid back, the Bellagio is a simply beautiful resort. The rooms either face the valley or the infamous Bellagio fountains. These fountains are the resort’s major claim to fame, as they engage in a spectacular show involving lights, music and water than is projected an impossible height into the air on a daily basis! The Bellagio is also home to the well-known Cirque de Soleil show O, an aquatic piece of entertainment which incorporates world-class acrobatics and swimmers which are sure to thrill your senses! While you are here, you simply must make time to visit the resort’s other claim to fame, the Conservatory and Botanical Garden. Located just off the main lobby, this place is nothing short of spectacular, boasting intricate floral arrangements that are geared towards different holidays and/or seasons, depending upon when you visit!

Caesar’s Palace

Created to incite its visitors to believe they have been transported back to Ancient Rome, Caesar’s Palace is one of the most popular resorts on the entire strip, and it is easy to see why! Not only is the interior and exterior architecture absolutely gorgeous, the rooms are consistently clean and well-maintained, no matter what your budget may be! One of the biggest attractions here is the Forum Shops, a pedestrian mall that offers as fine of a shopping selection as you would find on Rodeo Drive! While the glitzy selections are certainly worth perusing, the ceiling overhead continually changes from daylight to sunset and nighttime to make you feel as though you are walking down a street in Ancient Rome. Within this same area, you can witness the Fall of Atlantis, in which the statues come to life to depict the doomed city’s final moments!

The Cosmopolitan

This hotel is all about the glitz and glamour. Wandering through the lobby, you can stop and take your picture next to an oversized model of designer high heels or wait until later in the night and catch a drink at the gorgeous Chandelier Bar, which as the name implies, makes you feel as though you are suspended in the middle of a lavish crystal light fixture! The rooms here are meant to resemble upper class city apartments, complete with private balconies for enjoying the view of the Strip! There are three different pools to choose from as well, depending on what you are looking for iMuslim. The Boulevard Pool is the place to go to socialize and mingle, with its lively music and panoramic views, while the Chelsea Pool has a far more secluded, exclusive vibe, allowing you to temporarily escape from the busy city surrounding you. Finally, the Marquee Dayclub Pool is for adults only, transforming into a vibrant extension of the nightclub after the sun goes down!


As you might have imagined, this resort is set up in a way that is meant to make you feel as though you are wandering the streets of Paris. Complete with a small-scale Eiffel Tower out front which boasts an awesome restaurant, this is a wonderful spot to explore. Grab a drink at Le Central, where you can relax on plush cushions and people watch while enjoying a refreshing cocktail or take a trip up the elevator to get an amazing view of the Strip from the Eiffel Tower Observatory! As one might expect, there is some excellent food choices available here, yet if you are looking for a true treat, be sure to book a table at Gordon Ramsey’s Steak House, where you can indulge in everything from caviar to oysters to some of the tastiest cuts of meat you will find anywhere.

The Venetian

The theme of this resort is Venice, as is apparent by the spectacular architecture and real canal that offers gondola rides! This is perhaps one of the most visually stunning resorts to walk through, as you can examine replicas of famous Venice landmarks such as the Rialto Bridge and the Lion of Venice Column! The Venetian is also home to Tao, one of the best nightclubs on the strip. This popular spot features a giant statue of Buddha as well as an infinity pool stocked with koi fish. At the upper level, you will find Tao Beach, which functions as a day club as well as late night pool party scene!

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